Advanced Directive Policy

Advanced Directive Policy

It is the policy of the center to advise the patient verbally and in writing prior to the day of surgery and to ask the patient if they have an advanced directive during the pre-admission phone call. If the patient has an advanced directive, we ask if the advance directive contains a “DO NOT RESUSITATE” (DNR) clause. If the patient indicates they do have a DNR clause they are advised that the center does not honor DNR’s.

The patient is advised that they will waive the DNR portion of their advance directive when they sign the consent/permit prior to the procedure. The center will not perform surgery on patients that have advanced directives, unless they agree to be resuscitated.

If the patient does not waive the DNR, the procedure will be scheduled at the hospital.

Consent to Resuscitation

This signed registration implies consent for resuscitation and transfer to a higher level of care should the patient suffer a cardiac or respiratory arrest or other life-threatening situation. Each patient has a right to self-determination, which encompasses the right to make choices regarding life-sustaining treatment (including resuscitative services).

If you wish to receive a copy of the California Health Care Directive form please advise the receptionist.